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Our booking engine is nicknamed TANTRA, which stands for Travel Availability Navigator & Transparent Response Array.

To our knowledge, it is the only booking engine on the web that provides the end client with a tool that is superior to similar professional systems which are strictly reserved for travel agents and brokers.
On our TANTRA-powered site the end customer can access all the critical information faster and easier (well, in literally three clicks) than travel agents can via their closed heavily password-protected industry systems. In other words, TANTRA empowers the end client to take full advantage of the information that is usually either hidden or hard to get by or in most cases simply denied to anyone outside the travel distribution network.

A considerable part of TANTRA's value is in how it technically goes about its job, however far more important is what it actually does, as this is beyond the scope of any other booking engine designed for the general public.

All other booking engines tell you whether or not a particular boat is available from Split from 28th August. Their answer is, predictably enough, either "yes" or "no". If the answer is "no" you have to go back to square one and ask the engine about another boat. This second attempt to find a similar boat from Split takes your time, server capacity etc. As a client, you need this extra time to extract what you are looking for from some critical amount of "yeses" and "nos". The conventional booking engine cannot say words such as "but", "if", "however", "on the other hand", "all things being equal", "only two boats left so make your mind up fast", "probably" etc.

TANTRA is more eloquent. In three or four clicks, it will tell you that there is no Bavaria 36 available from 28th August but there are still three Elans 36 left which will probably be snapped up in no time. So if 28th August is fine with you please hurry up. If, on the other hand, you are budget-conscious and cannot make up your mind at such a short notice there are plenty of similar boats available a week later and they are 30% cheaper.

TANTRA tells you all this information in one breath without being prompted to do so. Whatever the answers, one thing is certain - there is hardly any need to press the back button on your browser, let alone to wander off to another site.
It is clever enough to know that there is not much point in telling you sorry no Bavaria 36, go back to square one, try harder, be patient, think positive or else try another site.
OK, it does not literally spell out all the above words in bold type but you can clearly understand what it is telling you by way of the graphical interface on your computer screen. This bit is the "transparent response array".

While being more eloquent, TANTRA is also considerably more robust, faster and less memory- and bandwidth-hungry than any other comparable booking engine serving the travel industry.

The system has been operational for nearly two years and is recognised as being vastly superior to other systems of its kind by both our clients, service providers and geeks from computer magazines.

Do you run a charter boat fleet, charter company, travel agency or provide similar travel or travel related services?
Interested in finding out more about TANTRA and how it can help your business?


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